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Information About MAPI Stub Library

Oct 4, 2011 at 11:18 AM

Respected SIr,

                     I am using the redemption library for creating and accessing outlook .pst files as redemption allows to pass all security thread and access to the properties of outllook. still now all going ok..but after release of outllook 2010 64bit machine.redemption library is failing at some points like it doesnt work  properly on 64 bit outlook.The problem that are occuring that it required outlook must be installed before you create .pst files.

                  To get rid of this ,i am searching for new library.and i found MAPI stub library.I want to ask you that does MAPI allows me to create .pst files and pass the security thread without any error.can i access all properties about pst files.does it work for old outllok versions what are extra features that are added to this library please give me solution.........